About Lisa

With the voice and heart of an angel, Lisa Daggs has been delighting and encouraging audiences for over 20 years. Whether on a stage, behind the radio microphone, or one-on-one with her fans, Lisa courageously shares her own story of loss, redemption and hope to inspire everyone she meets.   As a vocal performance artist Lisa has been honored with numerous awards including The Gospel Voice Diamond Award for Country Artist of the Year (other nominees included Charlie Daniels, Ricky Skaggs, Marty Raybon and Lee Ann Rimes), CCMA’s Entertainer of the Year and New Artist of the Year, and as “the brightest newcomer to the scene” by the Christian Country Research Bulletin.   When it comes to fun and faith, Lisa delivers on both. Her charismatic style puts a unique twist on a positive, insightful delivery of her message. Every age is the perfect age to experience Lisa’s music. The deeply personal challenges she has faced and overcome always inspire and uplift.   Like many aspiring artists, Lisa launched her career by moving to Nashville in pursuit of her dream. She worked as a studio vocalist and sang in numerous showcases for local Nashville songwriters. Lisa left the Nashville scene to connect with new audiences on the West Coast. After struggling through the challenges and temptations of an entertainer’s lifestyle, Lisa worked to rediscover the inner peace she had lost. “I was full of self-will, running my own show, and believing I knew what was best for my life,” she recalls. Lisa struggled through the process of overcoming the severe consequences caused by her previous lifestyle. She turned her life over to the complete care of God, trusting Him for strength and guidance. Lisa is now a proud mother to a wonderful daughter, and a tireless ambassador for hope, renewal and God’s love.

Who Are You

who-are-youAfter performing in mainstream venues, Lisa began touring with evangelist Lowell Lundstrom. In 1991, Lisa recorded her debut CD, “Who Are You” which launched Lisa into full time ministry.


angel-in-your-eyes ANGEL IN YOUR EYES reflects a depth that is indicative of someone who has been through difficult times and found acceptance, love and forgiveness. Her story has made a significant impact on all audiences. She holds a special candle for those in addiction recovery programs. According to Clear Country magazine, Lisa represents some of the finest work that matches today’s country sound. The clarity of Lisa’s voice combined with her story of encouragement brings a new feeling to her audiences. They feel the strength from her powerful testimony, and her vocals truly bring a new flair to country music. “Walls” and “Leave Your Bags at the Door,” the first singles from ANGEL IN YOUR EYES, hit charts in Top Ten publications such as Music City News, The Gospel Voice, Clear Country and Christian Country Research Bulletin. “I Wanna Thank You”, the third release from ANGEL IN YOUR EYES, was Lisa’s first #1 radio charting single.


angel-in-your-eyesLisa’s success continued to her Cheyenne Records debut release, LOVE IS THE BOTTOM LINE. The first single from the album, “Be Like Noah,” debuted at #1 on CCM magazine’s first Christian Country Chart, along with the #1 spot in CCRB and CASHBOX. “Be Like Noah” was followed with her third #1 single, “The Gift.” The prestigious Gospel Music Association then nominated LOVE IS THE BOTTOM LINE for a Dove Award for Country Recorded Album of the Year in 1996. In 1997, Lisa was named Female Vocalist of the Year and Favorite Artist of the Year by the Country Gospel Music Association and obtained her fourth #1 single with “Hands on the Plow.” Bill Gaither also featured Lisa with this rockin’ song on the Bill Gaither & Friends video entitled “This is my Story.” In January 1998, Lisa’s self-penned testimony song, “You First Loved Me” became her fifth #1 single and broke the record on the CCM Country chart by staying at #1 for 10 weeks. She followed that in April with “Cross it Out” which went to #1 on the CCM and CCRB charts. Then, in October,“Savin’ For A Rainy Day” became Lisa’s seventh #1 single.


angel-in-your-eyes In 2000, Lisa released her fourth album entitled, THE ONLY TRUTH I KNOW which has garnered three #1’s, “How Big is Your Want To”, followed by “Turn To You” and “Straight & Narrow” also being the #1 Song of the Year in 2001. Performances on the award winning Bill Gaither Homecoming videos, TNN’s Prime Time Country, INSP’s Cheyenne Country and features in television shows like TNN Country News, The 700 Club and 100 Huntley Street in Canada have cemented her place as one of the top artists in Christian Music.


angel-in-your-eyes GOD DELIVERS is Lisa’s fifth album, released in 2002. GOD DELIVERS has been distributed Nationwide by New Day Christian Distributors. The first four singles “Oh My Glory”, “God Delivers”, “Rock Beneath Your Feet” and “The Enemy’s Goin’ Down” were released to radio and took their places as hits at the #1 position.


angel-in-your-eyes Filled with great passion and deep gratitude for the life she has been given and path she has embarked upon, Lisa turned her focus to contemporary worship music heard in church. Lisa expanded her focus to leading worship on Sunday mornings in churches nationwide. Which lead to the release of her sixth album EXTREME WORSHIP in 2005.


angel-in-your-eyes FORGIVENESS IS A POWERFUL THING is Lisa’s seventh album to date, and the title track has been released to radio and is currently playing on the John Tesh Radio Show and many radio stations nationally. The video of the title cut on YouTube had so many viewings in a short period of time that YouTube thought bots were used to generate views and pulled it from their site. The video has been restored, but the views were unfortunately reset.

Reality Check

Lisa can also be heard on 103.9 The Fish every Sunday at 7 PM as the host of Reality Check, Recovery Talk on the Radio, a faith based recovery program that is reaching an expanding audience with every airing. Reality Check can also be heard around the world via Lisa’s Podcast at realitycheck.libsyn.com.   Lisa continues her concert ministry in venues around the globe. Her video performance with her daughter, Faith on the recently released “The Women of Gaither Homecoming Volume 1”, is already generating fan anticipation for what lies ahead.   Great things are happening as the excitement builds for Lisa’s 8th album! Lisa is in the process of writing songs that will uplift and inspire her fans and those that will be introduced to her music for the very first time.

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